Duct Tape Dethroned


When I travel I like to visit art galleries to get a feeling for the local flair.  I ventured into a converted alley way on my recent visit to a city in the Midwest.  The town was established when the buildings were built with all the exits having alley access.  A narrow passage that the tenants and vendors could get a small glimpse of sunshine.  Since the city’s growth and development the alley has been modernized.  A sky light roof, end walls and a heating element invite a passersby to take a look and see where the path leads you, besides out of the cold.

On this adventure I found an art gallery tucked into the back recesses of the passageway.  I stepped in to find a kindly gentleman seated behind a desk with a tiny little light shining on the book he clutched in his hand.  He invited me in to view the galleries latest display.  I saw a prayer rug on the floor that shimmered in the strategically placed lighting.  Turning to the first canvases hanging in the well-lit room, I noticed they had the same shimmery shine that the prayer rug had.  As I looked closer I realized why, the artists medium was Duct Tape.


I am the mother of twins. They have an older brother, not much older but old enough to remember the fairy tale days of being the center of all of his mothers attention.  We would travel, play, nap, and just plain enjoy our days together, just the two of us.  Then came the day the center of his world shifted, tremendously.  I brought home his tiny little twin brothers.  The king of the castle had to share the throne and this was not an item he wanted to share, ever.

As I stood in this remote art gallery I couldn’t help thinking of my boys and although Duct Tape is an inanimate object, if it had feelings I believe it would feel like my toddler felt on that fateful December day when his brothers entered his life.


Industrious grey Duct Tape, the fix all for so many a broken trinket.  It stood out as the one tape no man, or woman, could live without.  It can hold a muffler on your old jalopy, adhere posters to a wall (forever), fix leaking pipes in the basement or even pad a practice sword for you fellow knights.  Original Duct Tape was king!  Then came his baby brothers, colors and prints.  Life as the king halted.  Now the life of the grey tape sits in the discounted lower shelving, hoping someone remembers the original.

Blue, red, yellow, green, purple, pink, even white, graced the shelves of every hardware store.  Shiny metallic golds and silvers, were next.  With the wide variety of patterns to follow from little yellow ducks to the military camouflage of hunters.  The ideas were endless.  It did not take long for the creative minds of the human race to invent new uses for the sticky rolls of tape.

What I saw in this art gallery was Duct Tape ingenuity at it’s finest.  The scenes were lovingly detailed, tassels on the rug, shimmers on the water and even three-dimensional stones on the archway.  I do not believe the inventor of this household tape envisioned anything as elaborate as the Taj Mahal recreated on a wall in a small art gallery, but I’m sure he would approve.


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