Paradise Found

I was on a road trip yesterday.  Traveling down roads I have never been on.  Enjoying all the curiosity in each moment.  I have lived in Nebraska my whole life.  Exploring this state I call home has been a mission of mine since my first cruise in 1996.  If you have ever stepped onto one of the monolith cruise liners you know they are traveling cities.  Well “back in the day” everyone signed up for either early or late formal dinners, then the cruise line assigned you and your party to a table with fellow cruisers.  Strangers.  After a meal or two together small talk becomes more personal, and the searing question was asked…

“What is there to do in Nebraska?”

My twenty-one year old mind froze.  I tried to quickly think of interesting events, sights, and general goings on, but my mind was serving up a big blank expanse of nothing.  What was there to do in Nebraska?  Plenty but in that moment I couldn’t think of anything, witty or fun to say.  I was in the middle of the Caribbean on a giant floating city wearing a formal gown.  I was trying to forget the rest of reality even existed.  From that dinner on I have always had five or six genuinely creative responses waiting to entertain anyone who asks the infamous question again.

On my road trip yesterday I finally found the reason to live in Nebraska! (giggle, giggle)  As I crested a hill winding my way between the two largest cities here in my fair state, I found utopia! 🙂 Hawaiian Village is a small community of beautiful homes all with “lake front” access.  The lake is more of an amoeba shaped pond.  Yet every back yard had sandy beaches, decks with covered grills and boating access.  Which is much more than the average home in Nebraska has.  What I loved about this small community is their name for it.  Hawaiian Village.  Not a palm tree in sight, no thundering volcanoes, the air smelled more like a pasture than the salty sea, and I am sure that the temperatures in Hawaii do not dip to the single digits.

I hope for this community is that their “Hawaiian” paradise is more of a state of mind than an actual trip to the tropics every time they come home.  Maybe this community is on to something though.  If you perpetually live in a state of paradise maybe your reality will become paradise.  Find your paradise!


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