Buried Treasure


I set my uncarved bumpy pumpkin in the yard as a continued reminder to myself that autumn will come again.  I discovered the fact that its outer shell was too difficult to carve, so I left it unscathed while its fellow pumpkin friends became a canvas for a knife.  I thought it looked beautiful just the way it was for our Halloween celebrations.  As time will do, it marched on; on to November, then December and now to January.  The snow has fallen only to melt and be replenished by another blanket of freshly fallen snow.  As the snow began to melt this last time, I discovered my bumpy pumpkin peeking though the snow cover once again.  That same day, as I was leaving my house, I found I was not the only one to notice a buried treasure in my flowerbed.  

It got me thinking of all the things we bury in our lives.  Looking at the growing destruction of that pumpkin by a hungry squirrel, I thought of the all the potential we bury in ourselves.  An errant statement by a loved one, that in years to come holds us back from a goal.  Admonishment from a friend that distances us from reaching out later on to that same friend.  A co-worker that is not looking out for our own best interests.

Do not let the past bury your future.  Strive to uncover all the treasure in yourself.  Be confident in all you do remembering that you are a treasure unto this world. 

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