Travelers Blues

Soul Experiences


I have not seen the sky from the tiny window of an airplane in too long.  I have not heard the bustle of a busy street in some far away land.  I have not smelled the treats of a food vendors cart in what seems like forever.  I need to touch the sea as it rolls across the sand searching for my fingertips.  I need to taste the liquid gold of a faraway vintners harvest.

Travel is like a multisensory drug to me. I immerse myself completely in the fragrances, sights, sounds and smells.  I am a tactile learner, I learn best if I touch what I want to learn about.  My mother was at her wits end when she took me shopping as a small child because I touched everything!  Now as an adult I still love to run my fingers through freshly fallen snow, grains from a harvest, the velvets…

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