I am a procrastinator.  I can always find something more important to do than to finish, start or continue a project I really am not interested in.  I find remedial tasks are suddenly a priority.  Since when did dusting become more important than financial projections?  I really don’t mean to put off tasks till the last minute yet I do, often.  

So here I am faced with another task that’s deadline is in a few hours and I just finished it.  It wasn’t that difficult, a little out of my comfort zone, but not difficult.  Why then did I wait to accomplish my goal?  I feel like a deadline is more of a time frame for how long I can set something aside and not complete the task.  Eventually it will get done.  

I remember life choices I have made in the last 7 years, choices that defined who I am, I did not hesitate.  We get one little chance at our lives.  Dreams should not be set aside for later.  Plans should come to fruition.  The life you truly want should not be procrastinated.  Simply stated every breath is a deadline.  Chase, pursue, dream, plan, enjoy this life do not set it aside to dust. 

One thought on “Deadlines

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