Kendra's phone 9-1-2013 to 10-17-2013 248

A friend tagged me in a post on Facebook.  It was entitled; The year of the RAK.  I was stumped.  I truly did not know what RAK stood for.  With all the “LOL”, “TTYL”, “AML” and such an old girl can get lost.  I will admit to overthinking some of the abbreviations, LOL seems glaringly obvious, now.  I was pretty sure it was not the year of the RAK on the Chinese calendar.  Besides I have never encountered any animal called a RAK.  So here I go again to the trusty web search pages trying to find out what RAK means and why I would want to live a whole year of it.   

RAK as many of you already know stands for Random Act of Kindness.

You know that little light bulb that hovers above your head….mine just clicked on.

We have all heard the fantastical stories of the mega tipper making the day of their waiter or the check being paid by a stranger at a restaurant.  I love the thought of people paying for each others morning brews.  The kindness of paying for a strangers gas at the fuel pumps sounds like a fairy tale.  One question…Do all random acts of kindness need to be financial gifts? 

My hope for everyday of my life is that everyone will live with RAK.  Something as simple as a smile can lift a spirit.  A prayer, a joke, a door held open.  These acts of kindness are all around us.  Casual things that may seem mundane to you, may touch the soul of a stranger.  If you live in the present with kindness and peace in your heart, your future becomes a path others will want to follow.  Be sure to find a small amount of time for RAK.  Everyone’s soul deserves a lift.

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