Daily Planning


My writings are for many different reasons.  I write to relax.  I write to engage.  I write to inform.  I write for so many reasons yet all of those reasons eventually come back to one reason….communication.  Even if it is just a sheer will to communicate with my future self, I still love to write.  It is a way for my mind to organize and prioritize my rambling thoughts.  I feel more in tune with myself while I am writing.

Like most of us who have this overwhelming desire to put our thoughts down on paper, key them on a computer screen, or even go “old school” and type them with an old typewriter, when we finally take the leap into the public realm of writing it can be all consuming.  It is not an art form that always flows like the water from your faucet, it is more like the tides of the oceans, ebbing and flowing.  Why then do we continue to push when it seems the proverbial pen is dry?  Is it simply to stay with our familiar friends, pen and paper?  Are we attempting to recreate the feeling, the rush, the peace, that flows through us when the prose is accelerating through our fingers?

In all my years of writing I have found that a good, solid daily plan helps to prepare and organize myself.  I take the time to write a list of “To Dos” when I have more ideas than reasonable time.  I love to have that organized list when I awake after a restful night.  I read and sometimes re-read my daily plan.  I look at each word memorizing my objectives.  I set the list somewhere prominent or stuff it in my purse so I have it with me at all times to reference it.  I am ready for a well planned, productive day.

Then life happens 🙂  


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