Lonely Structure


I have driven by this field with a little house, barn, shed or whatever this building used to be, often in my travels.  It is on a well-traveled road, so many people see it everyday on their commutes, errands, drives and such.  I always wonder to myself what this lonely little structure might have been.  It sits in the middle of a field next to a tree that you can see from the road.  I do not believe it was originally constructed as a lonely building, so my mind wanders while it wonders.  Was there a house, large and sturdy?  Was there once a barn, painted red, for the horses to rest in?  Were there children playing, women working and men coming home from the field?  Or maybe, many, many, years ago it was the tiny little house for a new settler to this uninhabited land.  My questions are many and my answers few.

I have seen this building in many different seasons.  The spring grasses green around it, the growing summer field hiding all but the roof, the greys and gold of the fall illuminating it.  Yet when I saw it in the snow storm, standing strong against the weather, that is when I really appreciated how picturesque this lonely structure is.

When you look at someone/something day after day, you start to forget how perfectly beautiful they/it may be.  Sometimes it takes just a small change to really bring out a special quality, that maybe you overlooked.  Keep in your hearts that everything is beautiful.  From the smallest grain of sand to the monstrous man-made towers.  Everything was made perfectly beautiful. 


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