Holidays Hangover


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is the greeting I was raised with.  From my very earliest years of adulthood I remember signing all my Christmas cards with this salutation.  I realize today that my Christmas celebrating also encompasses so many other celebrations.  I love all the variety in our amazing world.  I feel energized when talking with friends and family about their different celebrations.  Although I did not grow up in the midst of diverse cultures, I grew up with culture.  A family who embraced differences, while continuing our own traditions.  My family also consumes knowledge with fervor that rivals the Tasmanian Devil chasing Bugs Bunny.  This love of knowledge propels me to learn all I can about this wonderful world.  I carry our traditions with me in my daily life that are immersed with diversity.

On this, the first day of a brand new year, I feel hung-over with all the holiday celebrations.  The gifts are given, the parties in clean up stages, the mountains of food consumed, the hugs and best wishes are bestowed.  I loved all the activity but now as I clean up and prepare for the coming quiet of the post holidays season I feel…no better words for it…hung-over.

May your 2014 lead you on an adventure of self discovery, spiritual growth and love that encompasses your soul.  Be well, be happy, be loving. 

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