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On this, the last day of the year, 2013, I would like to take the time to recap my year.  

I did not win the lottery.

I did not become a super model.

I did not write a bestseller.

My 2013 started out like most years in my past.  I had an extreme sense of hopefulness.  I was thankful for all the blessings I did have and hopeful for all my wishes.  I started 2013 on the snowy porch of a friend’s house.  We were setting off fireworks and toasting the new, expectant year.  It was beautiful.  It was hopeful.

In this past year my family grew a year older (and so did I).  My children continue to outgrow me.  I lost my “dead-end” job.  I started the best work I have ever done.  I found the writer in me again.  I traveled to places that inspire me.  I took the time to show a small part of my past to my children.  I became debt free.  I tried new and adventurous things.  I became a cowgirl, a pirate, a witch, if only for a day.  I indulged in new foods, I didn’t want to be a super model anyway.  I left my past further behind me and I feel lighter for it.  I loved, forgave, prayed, thanked, embraced, and relished in 2013.

2014 will bring many new challenges and adventures.  Today, this last day of 2013, I am again hopeful for the future and expectant as well.   I know my long list of resolutions will not all come to fruition but I will take the time to write them down, if just to see what my younger self believes is possible for 2014 when we reach the end of another year.

May you find thankfulness in your hearts, love all around you and an extreme sense of hopefulness for your 2014.

Happy New Year!

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