Christmas Panic

Twas two mornings before Christmas

and all was a mess!

Not a soul was restful

with the impending stress.

The children were restless,

the holiday was near.

Their hopes turned to

iPods, game systems and gear.

The tinsel was strung

with precision and care.

With hopes all would wonder

Martha Stewart beware.

And as I wondered

at this amazing sight

the days swiftly turned

from darkness to light

Lo, the season’s end

came swiftly around.

The gifts were not wrapped,

the dishes piled high,

the meal not planned for,

the shopping gone awry.

So I in my night-dress

put the tea on to brew

and settled in for a

marathon day or two.

For in my rushing, you see

I forgot to look at my nativity.

For it is not the

tinsel, the candy, the gifts

but a tiny baby

that brings us bliss.


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