Welcome to my home!  Welcome to my life!  Welcome to the place I feel safe!  When anyone enters my home, I want them to feel a deep sense of welcome.  I love walking into a home of a friend, a relative, a new acquaintance, and feeling that warmth that I am welcome.

Many years ago I was given a small, inexpensive plastic pineapple Christmas ornament.  It was cut beautifully.  It shines, like it might be crystal.  The leaves at the top are a shimmering gold metal.  If you don’t take the time to look close or the lighting in the room is dim, you could mistake it for a gleaming work of art, but I know better.

I was told the symbol of the pineapple is the sign of welcome and hospitality. So me being, me, I researched.  I read articles, I talked to people, I web surfed.  To no avail.  All I have read has indicated mixed responses.  Most like the idea that a pineapple is a representation of welcome.  It was reported that sailors used pineapples, staked in front of their homes, to indicate they were home and wanting to invite guests to stop by for a visit.  It is also reported that the carvings on bedposts are not, in fact, welcoming pineapples but pinecones of no significance. 

Two facts did stand out to me.  The first being Christopher Columbus did discover pineapples on his voyage to Guadeloupe and brought back the fruit to Europe in 1493.  The other fact I found interesting is that it took two centuries for royalty in England to figure out how to successfully grow the exotic fruit.

I am a fanciful thinker.  I like to believe that a seemingly everyday fruit is the symbol of welcome.  Saying to visitors to relax, enjoy, and feel welcome in my home.  But I also know that it is so much more than displaying a plastic fruit that makes a friend feel welcome in my home.  I will continue to display my plastic pineapple on my front door because I like to think that way back when, it meant welcome to a passerby.


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