Christmas Music


It was a sea of red and gold with silver and black mixed in.  The musicians filed in hap hazardly, finding their seats, adjusting stands, greeting one another.  Brass glinted in the lights from above.  The band was a bustle of movement.  The lights were strung across the edge of the stage.  There were the traditional Christmas flowers, the poinsettia, set strategically around the stage to enhance the audiences experience.  The concert hall was bursting with people.

If they sold tickets it would be a sell out performance.  They don’t sell tickets to this or any of the concerts this band performs.  They are all volunteers.  Playing simply because they love to play.  The band is fully funded by donations and the musicians dedicate their Monday nights every week to rehearse together.  The conductor seems to love instructing this group of individuals from all walks of life.  They are students, retirees, doctors, teachers, moms, lawyers, the list goes on and on.

They may come from all over the community with various lifestyles but the music they produce speaks of unity in the love of playing their instrument.  I have attended these concerts for years.  Sometimes with my children, sometimes with friends, sometimes with loved ones who no longer walk with us on this earth.  It is always enjoyable.  The conductor plays to his audience and the response from the band during the applause is worth a million dollar ticket to see them play.

The Christmas concert is, of course, a favorite simply for the familiar songs that speak of this beautiful time of year.  I love to immerse myself in the sounds, let them flow over me and seep into my soul.  My hope for everyone is they find that “something” at this festive time of the year that uplifts their spirit, that helps you feel whole. 

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