Surround Yourself

Happiest day of my life, 12-14-1999! I will surround myself with my family and remember they are what complete me.

Soul Experiences


Whatever it is that makes you whole, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that lifts you up, surround yourself.  Whatever it is that drives you to be better, surround yourself.

For it is not in the world that defines us. It is inside us that defines who we are and what we become.  We are challenged to be more than what we were yesterday.  We are inspired to be more than what we were.  We are created to be us, the very best us we can be.  Do not dwell on the negative, the hurt or the fear in your life.  Brush those things aside and be…more!

Surround yourself with love and love will surround you all of your days.

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