“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

My dreams are not grandiose.  My dreams are not steeped in my past.  My dreams however are my driving force. 

I’m not talking about the tricks and games your mind plays on you while we sleep.  I am talking about those little day dreams over your office desk at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the fantasies you have when you purchase a lottery ticket or what you knowingly plan for during your quest to pay bills every month. 

I was recently asked what I believe success looks like, for me personally.  I was stumped for a minute on how to answer that question.  Is that the dreams side of success or the realistic side of success, what I can reasonably achieve in my lifetime.  For if you ask me to answer with rose-colored glasses on, I would shoot for the moon.  Yachts, castles, endless supply of disposable funds, world peace, trips to the moon, I am shooting for.  

To realistically answer “What does success look like?” is an entirely different answer.  I think my success revolves around sharing this wide world with my sons.  Going places that I didn’t discover until adulthood.  Seeing how others live outside of our community.  Both are driven by my dreams.  So why is one “realistic” and one is “unachievable” to me?  I think the answer rests upon the values I hold dear to me.  All those little things I believe and hold true to everyday.  I’m not saying someone with high values cannot achieve an endless supply of disposable funds. I am saying the combination of my values and my unachievable dreams do not seem to match up.  I cannot envision my life with “moon landing” success. Those dreams are a little silly to say the least.  I mean, who really needs more than one castle?  🙂

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