Christmas Decorations


The tinsel is strewn.  The lights are aglow.  The pine garland is strung.  Every decoration that can be brought out of the attic is now in a heap in the living room, begging to be honored with a niche in a corner, or on a prominent shelf, or displayed on a table top somewhere for all to see.  I gingerly unwrap each treasure.  Setting them aside to mentally catalog what and where each will go.  The Christmas season is a wonderful time of the year to really clutter up a house.  I have a lot of decorations!  I enjoy rediscovering all the precious little items that get packed away in large totes for eleven months of the year.  Each decoration has a history, a story, a memory.  I realize they are just objects but having a solid piece of artwork, in my hand, from my Grams, given to me when I was a child, is a wonderful way to recall memories.  The memories that come flooding back with each piece of tissue peeled back from a shinny glass ball, a jingly brass bell or a daintily crocheted snowflake, makes my home feel even more cozy on a cold Nebraska night.

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