Ice Possible


I love technology!  I say that tongue in cheek.  I love the speed of information, the sharing of sights and sounds, the communication with loved ones over the miles.  I don’t, however, love operating some technology.  Computer systems confound me, log offs frustrate me, viruses alarm me, wires here and there, foreign buttons with little symbols.  I must have been born ten years too soon.  So I muddle through my love, instead of gliding, like so many of my younger friends who grew up with “technology as a second language”.

So on a cold and cloudy morning as I leave my nice warm home.  I come dangerously close to sliding down the five steps to the earth, instead of gracefully stepping down each one.  There is a very thin sheet of ice over everything, like the world was wrapped in Saran Wrap, a very slick Saran Wrap.  I gingerly make my way to my little car, which was parked on the street instead of nestled safely in the garage.  The ice on the windshield was thicker than the steps and glued on with the same force Thor’s mystical hammer has when not wielded by it’s owner.  Start the car, full blast defroster, ten minutes later, two warm up breaks for frozen fingers, and a ice scraping arm workout that rivals a Chuck Norris Total Gym endorsement on late night TV and I had a small clear patch of windshield revealed.  As I pulled away, switching some of the defrost to my poorly lined but fashionably attractive boots, hoping to dispel frostbite to my tiny toes.  My brilliant, technologically advanced vehicle flashes, in pretty LED green lighting….


Thanks!  (tongue back in cheek!)  🙂    

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