Thursday December 5, 2013


This is our second day of cold, grey clouds in Nebraska.  The clouds rolled in Tuesday night while most of us slumbered.  The temperatures went from, unseasonably mild, 35 degrees (F) overnight to 11 degrees (F) at dawn on Wednesday.  It is cold but nothing a native Nebraskan can’t handle.  I mean it is December what do we expect?  The clouds are a grey flimsy veil high in the heavens, keeping us from the sun’s gentle warmth. Yet now, on this second evening of cloudiness I am indulged with another spectacular sunset.  I guess the clouds are only covering Nebraska.  As the late afternoon sun sinks in the west it once again penetrates the cloud filter with a brilliant show of red, pink, yellow and orange bathing the greys, brown, and auburns in a magical light show.  The sun gently caresses every hill as it leaves us in the cold dark of another December night. 

One thought on “Thursday December 5, 2013

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