Ever so slowly, like a sloth moving on a tree limb, time moves forward.  The anticipation is a monolith on our hearts.  Check, and check again.  Not yet.  When?

December is the month where we wait.  Whether it is for a much desired snowfall, a vacation to a far away beach, or the celebration of the birth of a tiny baby so many years ago.  We wait.  We prepare ourselves in mind, body and spirit.  We try to quiet our hearts.  We attempt to finish our “to do” lists.  We are in a constant  state of alert.  Ready for all that our lives shove at us.  It is an amazing time in our lives, this short 31 days.

This season of waiting remember to indulge in breathing.  Deep, calming, relaxing breaths.  Although waiting can sometimes be, at best, overwhelming.  Remember that in our waiting we are learning.  What will you learn this season?

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