End of Autumn


When traveling just outside of the small city I call home.  I found that the trees were looking barren and grey.  The spectacular show of autumn is coming to an end for 2013.  It is an inevitable course.  Autumn is the last show before the muted, quiet, slumber of nature descends.  I have always enjoyed the excitement of autumn.  Glorious colors, festive holidays, clear crisp days, intermingled with misty cold veils of storms that remind us “old man winter” is on his way.  Like the excitement of a New Year’s Eve party.  The party is in full swing till the new year arrives and then, just like the first snow storm blowing through, it is over.  The anticipation is gone.  The end of one year ushered in a new year, now what?  I love to see all the changes in the world around me. It gives me hope for a better tomorrow.  Even more than that it expresses time moving forward.  We all experience life a little differently than the person sitting next to us.  It is our responsibility to embrace every moment of our lives and live to our full potential.  May grace follow you in all you do, today and every tomorrow.

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