First Snow

The anticipation was suffocating.  I waited, then I waited some more.  I canceled a road trip so I could completely enjoy the season’s first snow fall.  I gathered the blankets, pillows, and found a great movie to watch to help me whittle away the time. I coaxed and pleaded for my special someone to stay home from work to lavish in this my own favorite holiday.  This was a special day.   I made sure I had candles nearby incase the power went out.  I kept my phone plugged in, fully charged.  I was ready.  I checked my phone, looking at radar maps….the storm was so close.  I surfed all the social media sites waiting for first reports from the masses.  My heart soared when I read my favorite post “It’s snowing!”  I was just 20 miles from where that statement originated.  Why hadn’t I saw the pristine ice crystals dancing on the wind yet?  Patience my head told my heart.

One movie turned into two movies.  Dinner was prepared and consumed.  The grey outside the window turned to the black of night.  I shut the drapes.  “One more movie?” He asked, knowing I was pouting worse on the inside than on the out.  I sat in the cushy pile of blankets and pillows. I resigned myself to the thought that I would miss the first snowfall by a few miles.

Then it happened!  Not a whisper of soft downy flakes cascading down to rest gently on the earth.  Not a sleeting, pelting of wet heavy ice globs.  It was a torrent of millions of tiny, angry, white flakes! The wind thrashed them up then down. Spun them in circles. Teased them with rest only to roust them to the heavens once again.  I love snow!  I opened the drapes and contentedly fell asleep watching the show nature had given me!

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