Quality Time


As another Saturday of my life winds down to an end, I began thinking of all the ways I have spent my Saturdays.  Saturdays are, for me, that spare day when you do what you didn’t have time to do the previous week.  I have had many Saturdays of rushing to finish errands, working on a much neglected home project, or just plain trying to get basic housework done.  Of course me being a mom there are the countless Saturdays of running kids to parties, cheering for their successes at their activities, and the thankless hours of clothes shopping with them.  Of course I have wiggled in a few “just for me” Saturdays also. Then there are those rare Saturdays of just pure laziness.

Today I spent the whole day with all three of my sons.  I suggested hiking, airsoft shooting, working in the yard, anything to coax them out of hibernation to bask in the last few warm, sunshiny days before the harsh winter sets in.  But as all good teenagers do they were content to lounge around the house with various forms of technology rotting their brains.  Every now and then they would grunt for more food or shuffle off to a different area in the house in search of a different resting place, but for the most part they keep their movements small like they are mountain lions stalking prey. In the end….well in the end I gave up on a “meaningful” experience kind of day.

So I actually stopped my working, I stopped and just sat down. That is when I found a new meaning to quality time.  I have spent most of my son’s lives trying to give them quality time as often as I could. It was in the form of education, recreation, experiences and such.  Today I laughed, talked, and lazed around with them.  Not just for a couple of hours but the whole day!  I learned that one son will still snuggle his mom if he gets tired. I learned one son will never put down his gadgets if he is conscience.  I learned one son has an appetite that even when inactive still needs satiating.  We did a Netflix marathon. One season of one show all day!  It was one of the most magical Saturdays of my life! All four of us in our comfortable living room curled up under our own blankets, leftover Halloween candy in reach (and shared!), the remote was appointed, and a show was agreed upon. No one had anywhere to go.  No one had pressing responsibilities.  I will not delude myself in thinking today will be remembered by my sons as memorable. It was a day to recharge and relax for them, but for me it was as close to perfect as I think I will ever get.

So when you try everything to motivate someone to do what you think is best for them be sure you stop for a moment to listen to them.  Sometimes the best quality time you can spend is doing nothing at all.

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