Where we come from

Where we come from

Lincoln High School is the high school I graduated from, many years ago. I did not like high school. It was not the institution, it was the social game of the students that dumbfounded me. I kept thinking “I can’t wait to be done!” What I did not know at the time is the lessons I learned from the “cheerleaders”, “jocks”, “nerds”, “gearheads”, and all the rest would be with me throughout my entire life. High school doesn’t end at graduation. You just graduate to a different stage of life, that most of the time resembles high school. I now can look back on my high school years and count them amongst my blessings. My son attends high school at my alma mater now. I feel an extreme sense of pride in my son for just walking the hallowed halls of an institution that unknowingly began the shaping of the woman I have become. Lincoln High School is just a building steeped in history, both personally and in our community. As I travel and write I look forward to graduations, new beginnings and above all the experiences that help to shape the woman I have yet to become.

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